Beautiful, Durable Sinks

Sink — White Corian Sink in Winters, CA
With Corian sinks you can create a seamless integration that fits perfectly within your Corian design.

Beauty, durability, stain resistance, hygiene and carefree maintenance are just some of the reasons why sinks made with Corian are the perfect addition to your kitchen design. Offered in an inspiring variety of colors and styles, Corian is nonporous to resist the growth of mold or mildew. Create a sleek design by integrating a Corian sink into your Corian top, enabling you to avoid any grout lines and residue buildup.
Corian — White Sink in Winters, CA

Get the Design Advice You're Looking For

Powell's Countertops will work with you to develop a clear understanding of your particular kitchen or bathroom sink needs and then deliver the design sinks you specify.

A Variety of Sink Options to Meet Your Needs

Choose from our sink models in a selection of colors, shapes, and styles. You'll give your kitchen design a lasting, useful and beautiful life by pairing our Corian sinks and Corian countertops.