Shower Enclosures

Modern Corian shower stalls are absolutely safe for health: they may be used by people suffering from rare allergies. Corian surface does not collect bacterias and mold does not grow on its surface. The great number of Corian shower cubicles colors and color shades is the best gift to interior designers: they can create real masterpieces using Corian units in bathroom interiors.
Showers — Corian Shower Stalls in Winters, CA
It is not easy to believe, but more than a hundred of different colors used when manufacturing this material make its possible to design thousands of unique enclosures with Corian shower stall walls. You can pick white, beige, navy blue, baby blue, yellow, green and other Corian solid surface shower walls. Some designers even combine the colors to get a contemporary looking bathroom.

It really looks cool, and it really lasts for decades. The proof of durability and positive experience of using these shower enclosures are number of Corian shower enclosures reviews. People who have a shower stall made from Corean material at home are excited: nice look, easy in cleaning, long lasting and pleasant to touch material has become their favorite.